Sugar was matted, dirty and obese when she came into the shelter. The owner explained that Sugar had previously been attacked by a dog, leaving her without a back leg.  Sugar was quickly moved to a holding area for transfer to Oasis. Sugar started to blossom while at Oasis, showing her maternal side by cuddling with incoming kittens, allowing them to sleep on her back and snuggle with her!  Happily, Sugar was adopted by a wonderful family.

To all my friends at Oasis,

I know my mom sent you an update on me, now I would like to give you an update from me. I never knew I would be so happy as I am today. I know I have a permanent, loving home. I am pampered I can hardly believe it at times! I have all the comforts I need. I have three warm beds throughout my home, my own room for eating and my litter box. I scratch anywhere I have a pad, which is all over the house, and a wonderful cat tree to look out the window. I hope all my feline friends at Oasis will be so fortunate and I know they will because they have Jean to see to it!

I'll say so long for now! Sugar.