I started out life a cute, cuddly, much-loved kitten. Then I grew up and was forgotten, left outside, where I was unprotected. I was too young, but I had a small litter, and then I was unceremoniously dumped off at a Spokane shelter. It was a scary place for my little family and we heard rumors we'd be heading for something scary very soon.

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We love to hear news like this!

Can you believe this lovely cat was abandoned as a kitten, and living under her neighbor's deck? "Emmie" is one that Oasis trapped at only four months old, along with her mom and two siblings.

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Dear Oasis,

Thanks for introducing me to my new home! I love to play with the feather wand and run laps in the bathtub. My owners think it's funny, but only if I do it during the daytime. I have a new big brudder as well, his name is Sampson and he's also from Oasis. We like to sit in front of the fireplace and plot for our next bathtub playtime at 4 am. Well, it's off to have more fun! I hope all of you are doing well there.

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Hello Friends!

First had to write and tell you how things are going at my new house! At first it was a little weird.  I could smell another kitty, but no sign of him yet.  So it appears the whole place is MINE.

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