Hello Friends!

First had to write and tell you how things are going at my new house! At first it was a little weird.  I could smell another kitty, but no sign of him yet.  So it appears the whole place is MINE.

My new peoples are going to be easy to train.  When I sit near or on their faces they understand that I need attention.  When I start to bring my claws out, they know I want to play with my feather toy or play catch!  Yes!  I play catch--which entertains them for hours.  They throw my ball, I get it and bring it back and they throw it again.  I'm sure glad they like to play catch--otherwise they would get fat and lazy.

Sometimes other peoples come to my new house.  We do 'pet the kitty' but after awhile they leave.  If everyone is eating a special dinner, I try to help them eat all that food.  But then I get my own 'treats' so by the time I snarf that down, I don't have any room left to help them with theirs.

I have a nice lanai for some outside time.  My new dad won't let me go exploring though.  I think he's overreacting--doesn't he know I can take care of myself???  Still, I'm getting used to staying on our side of the wall.

Well, I gotta go now.  I have to exercise my new dad with another round of catch.  I already played with mama this morning!  I'm getting pooped!

Hi and hugs to all my friends at Oasis!

--Hobo (but now that I'm technically no longer a hobo, my new peoples are calling me Buster Hoboken.)