I started out life a cute, cuddly, much-loved kitten. Then I grew up and was forgotten, left outside, where I was unprotected. I was too young, but I had a small litter, and then I was unceremoniously dumped off at a Spokane shelter. It was a scary place for my little family and we heard rumors we'd be heading for something scary very soon.

Then came some wonderful people from a place far away called Oasis! Somehow they heard of me and my little ones and saved us. We were very well taken care of and my babies were given homes very quickly. I spent days getting better & stronger and felt the love of strangers, but something was still missing.

One Sunday I was in being shown to a bunch of people who might want me in their life in a very busy Petsmart store, when this big black dog pulled a lady right past me. I wasn't afraid in fact, I felt very affectionate and tried to tell that black dog so. Lucky, lucky me! This lady stared into my eyes and felt what I felt...a bond!

Now I know I'm home. My new home has so many places to explore, hide, and watch the cold world outside. I have my own private room only I can get to so I can eat, drink and potty in peace. Oh yeah, I have three big dogs who are fun to play with. They're afraid of me, go figure. My first night, I slept in my new mom's arms, cuddled up by her neck right next to my dog friends. I must have done something right to have found this wonderful home. Thank God!

Signed....Angel-kitty (aka Marcie)