"Jasmine" originally came from a shelter where she was about to be euthanized. She was a scrawny juvenile-age kitty and now look at her! Here’s what her new owners tell us now, in Sept. '09:

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Kari (formerly Kismet)

Dear Oasis,

Meow! Hello!

I just wanted to tell you that I will never forget the day that I met my new mommy and daddy. I was at the Woodinville PetSmart with the volunteers from Oasis for Animals. I saw so many nice people that day, but they just didn't seem like the right fit for me. Then I saw them... the perfect parents! They had only stopped by the store to pick up a few supplies for their other kitty, but decided to take a moment to admire me. I knew I had to put on a show for them. They weren't sure if it was the right time to adopt another kitty since one of their beloved elderly cats had passed away only a few months earlier. That didn't discourage me because I was determined that I was going home with them! When they reluctantly started to walk away, I turned up the charm. That did it! The mommy soon had tears in her eyes and rushed back to see me! I knew I could do it!

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Jinx (formerly Thelma)

My husband and I were heartbroken when our beloved, 16 year-old cat Casey died in September. We knew it'd be awhile before we would be able to adopt another cat, but we adopted a shepherd mix dog, Sophie, in November. Sophie was a Hurricane Katrina rescue dog, and she needed a lot of attention to feel safe.

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In April of '09, I received a call from a woman who said they had been feeding a feral mom cat for the past several years - she thought at least 4 years. No one had ever touched this feral mom, and the family was actually scared to be near her, but they had fed her and indicated that she was a good mouser. This feral mom would have at least 2 litters of kittens every year and this family would take them all to a pet store here on Whidbey Island. Unfortunately, this pet store simply sells the kittens "as is" to anyone who walks in the door - no vaccinations, no spay/neuter. So, the reason this woman was calling is that the pet store wasn't willing to take any black kittens from her because they were too hard to sell.

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